Calling all kiddos! Join us as we venture through God's word in fun, laughter, singing, and love!

Kids Worship

At Legacy Church we love our kids! Some of our most exciting

ministry happens in our Kids Ministry. From Vacation Bible School in the summer, to our exciting weekly Kids Worship, our focus is to help you train your kids to be spiritual champions.

We want to partner with you, the parent, to help raise your kids to be the spiritual champion that God has intended for them to be.

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We have both a Toddler and Infant Nursery available for all of our services. Our nurseries are well equipped and staffed with individuals who are eager to love and care for your child.

If planning a visit with us and want to know what to expect for your kids when you get here, check out some of our tips HERE .

How to have a faith conversation with your child

Teaching our kids about Jesus is the most important thing as parents that we will ever do. They will learn a lot by our actions but unfortunately we don't always do the right things. Here is a resource that will walk you through having a faith conversation:

  • for preschooler parents!

    How we talk about faith at each phase of a person’s life matters in how they’ll think about faith in the phases to come. Preschoolers use their five senses to experience the world around them. In this phase, you can help them develop authentic faith by inciting wonder. You will give them the foundations for their faith in the way you respond with concrete examples and by letting them explore God’s creation. As they grow and mature into adolescents you’ll be able to unpack abstract concepts more deeply. For now, be as simple as possible, and remember that your role in the preschool phase is to . . .

  • for elementary schooler parents!

    In the elementary school years, kids become equipped with the skills they need to discover more about faith, and they have an active imagination that leads them to ask questions about their world and what they experience. As they learn new stories from the Bible, you’ll be amazed at the questions they start to consider. The best thing to remember is to treat each question with care. How you respond to your kids each time they have questions about faith will determine if they continue to talk to you about their faith. Your role is to...