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  • Know God

    Know God through weekly worship and teaching.

    We want everyone to come to know God more in a weekly worship service.

  • Find Community

    Find Community in weekly Life Group gathering.

    We want our people to establish lasting relationships with one another and dig deeper into God's Word in a weekly Life Group.

  • Make Disciples

    Make disciples in yearly Discipleship Groups of 3-5

    We want God’s Word to take root in you and spread to others as you make disciples in a yearly D-Group of 3-5 men or women.

  • Change the World

    Change the world through missions serving and volunteering.

    We want you to join God’s work to change the world through missions, evangelism, and volunteering.

Salvation is the first step in a relationship with Christ. If you are interesting in beginning your personal walk with God let us know here and we would love to begin that conversation.

Baptism is the public declaration that you have followed Christ. It signifies the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you would like to take this next step in your faith, contact us here.

Legacy Steps is where you find all the necessary information about us here at Legacy Church. It covers topics such as "what we believe" to "how we operate" and even how you can "get plugged in." If you would like more information please contact us

Life Groups are where our people meet each week to establish lasting relationships with one another and dig deeper into God's Word. Visit our Life Groups page for a listing of all current groups.

Serving is where we believe you live out your purpose. We were all created to serve but we all have different talents and gifts. If you would like to serve in one of our ministry positions, contact us here.

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